Investors havebecome complacent

and founders shouldn’t be hostages in their own business.

Venture investing has become a game of home runs. The goal is for one in ten of their portfolio companies to make it big. The rest? Who cares.

Founders lose the optionality to do what is right for them and the business, as countless strategic opportunities are missed or ignored while investors push (sometimes) unrealistic agendas.

It’s no longer a question of what is best for the business; a business that no longer belongs to the founding team. It belongs to the investors and their desires. This sounds founder friendly, right?

We’re here to change that.

- Our Philosophy

Creating Optionality.

Great businesses attract great outcomes. While each new round of investment unlocks exciting growth potential, it also provides a founder three long-term options: raise another round of capital, explore a strategic or financial sale, and/or reach sustained profitable growth. Each of these scenarios are perfectly viable. Not every company is destined to be a $10B IPO; likewise, not every company will be ripe for acquisition in the near-term. Founders and investors need to be open and flexible to do what’s best for the business and the rest will follow:

  • Additional capital is a great way to accelerate growth while taking less dilution.
  • Exit windows don’t stay open forever and strategic opportunities should be thoroughly explored.
  • Future investment or an exit are highly variable on external factors, so identifying a clear path to profitability helps build a sustainable business for long-term success.
- Our Solution

2.0 Ventures partners with founders who align with our vision, who are open minded, and want to create optionality for their business. We aim to properly capitalize a business and provide execution support in key areas of need specific to each company. We carefully craft a 2.0 Plan with each of our investments to help them achieve their goals. A 2.0 Plan:

Defines a Vision.

We work together to define the possible outcomes that will benefit the founding team and investors. What do you want your company to look like? Think big, be bold, and let’s find a way to get there together.

Maximizes Value.

We want to open up as many doors as possible and maximize value for founders and investors in a future round of capital or strategic exit. Preparation for these events starts now. A clear path towards profitability while maximizing growth potential is critical. Let’s get ready for anything that comes our way.

Identifies Objectives.

It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day and lose sight of the finish line. We help you identify the most important objectives for success. Top-line growth, retention, hiring, product? Let’s set appropriate goals and hold each other accountable.

Allocates Resources.

Resource allocation and prioritization is an underdeveloped art. We allocate resources intelligently by working backwards from the desired outcome. Time and money are scarce, so let’s figure out how to spend it.