Traditional VC is failing.

- Why

Game of Homeruns

The goal is for one in ten of their portfolio companies to make it big. The rest? Who cares.

of Value

Many VCs claim they add value, but few do. Founders need actual help, not just money.

Lack of

Overcapitalizing companies creates many unforeseen downstream problems.

- Our Approach


- Explore acquisition windows when they open

- Build towards profitability or cash neutrality

- Sell secondary when it makes sense

Promote Optionality

"Not every founder wants a 10-year, heavily-diluted path to an IPO. Lots of founders are keen on a more accelerated journey to capitalize on their ownership."

- Greg Woodward, CEO of Udo


- Provide ongoing operational support

- Make strategic introductions when appropriate

- Be the go-to thought partner for management


"2.0 Ventures has become an extension of our team. We built a go-to-market team together and they were instrumental in taking our company to the next level."

- Yaniv Shor, Founder & CEO of Proggio


- Don't overpay or overcapitalize

- Stick to investment strike zone

- Thesis-driven backed with thorough diligence


"When I heard 2.0 Ventures explain how they think about investment and appropriately capitalizing a business, my ears perked up. It immediately resonated with how we were thinking about our fundraise."

- Zeke Kuch, Co-founder & CRO of Swell