We invest today so they can change tomorrow.

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We back experienced founders who have observed a problem in the market, and are laser-focused on solving it.

We back founders who have built products that their customers can not live without.

We back founders when they’re at an exciting inflection point and need help navigating complex growth opportunities.

We back founders who see the bigger picture and are blazing new trails, not following industry trends.

We back founders where we have an aligned vision. Who are looking for an optimized venture experience. Who are interested in VC 2.0.


Creating a path to explosive growth and transformative exits. We are VC 2.0.

VC has become a game of home runs and doesn’t prioritize founders’ interests.

Founders have lost the optionality to do what is right for them and the business.

A future financing, strategic sale, or reaching profitability are all viable outcomes.

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