SoCal-Based Feat Clothing Opens Flagship Retail Store in Santa Monica

Santa Monica, CA  – Feat Clothing, visionary developers of the most comfortable athleisure clothing in the world, opened its flagship retail store on Main Street in Santa Monica, mere blocks away from historic Venice Beach.

“We’re building a brand, not just an e-commerce company”, said Feat co-founder Taylor Offer, “for our customers, it’s important that they not only see the Feat brand in our online store, but also in their favorite wholesale stores [such as REI and Nordstrom], as well as our own retail locations. It builds the brand story and moves us away from just being another e-commerce company.”

As the world normalized post COVID-19, many consumers who turned to online shopping during COVID lockdowns and restrictions are now returning to physical retail.

“E-commerce will never go away, and it won’t for us either”, explained Feat co-founder Parker Burr, “but over the past few years there has been an explosion of small online brands popping up, which really muddies the water and dilutes down the impact of online advertising. Now you have dozens of small brands claiming they have the ‘comfiest clothing in the world’, which makes it harder to differentiate through digital ads. Having product in wholesale and physical retail locations is critical. Now our customers can touch and feel our product and see for themselves how it truly is the best.”

The team at Feat has calculated plans to expand their physical retail presence over the coming months and years.

“Hopefully this is the first of many” said 2.0 Ventures’ Vice President Bobby Meinhold, “there is definitely a lot to monitor on a macro [economic] level, as well as on a micro [economic] store level. That said, this store is awesome and is absolutely reflective of the Feat brand and community. The turnout for the [launch] party was spectacular. It was exciting to see how many people came out to support the Feat brand and team. We are inspired and excited about the future.”

The team is working hard to continue to delight their customers and build a sustainable brand for the future. Expect to see the Feat Clothing name more frequently over the coming months and years.

Visit Feat’s flagship store now open at 2708 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405. For more information on Feat Clothing, or to purchase some of the world’s most comfortable athleisure clothes for yourself, please visit

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