Proggio’s Adaptive Project Management Platform Earns US Patents for Bringing Unprecedented Clarity & Insights to Project Portfolio Management

SALT LAKE CITY and TEL AVIV (August 17, 2023)—Proggio, the adaptive project portfolio management (PPM) platform, today announced it has received U.S. patents for its intuitive, “visual-first” project management solution that provides project managers and their organizations unprecedented, real-time clarity and insights across the entire project portfolio.

The first PPM solution to abandon clunky, archaic Gantt charts, Proggio’s adaptive technology takes a truly fresh approach to project management with its unique Project Map that structures and tracks projects and tasks the way humans do—with a top-down approach that starts with the end goal in mind.

“These patents validate that our solution is truly innovative and revolutionary in the industry,” said Proggio co-founder and CEO Yaniv Shor. “Where other tools might look different on the surface, they’re still based on the antiquated Gantt chart under the hood, which makes them cumbersome and far too complex. Proggio is much simpler and gives users what they really want: an adaptive project portfolio management solution with a graphic dashboard backed by a common-sense data structure, so it’s intuitive and saves so much time.”

Proggio’s visual-first approach to project management gives stakeholders–executives especially–detailed insight into project status, resource allocation and capacity, and accurate scenario planning at a glance to help leaders make better decisions that align with company goals and drive bottom line impact.

Typical project management tools like spreadsheets and other PM products rely on line after line and column after column of data and require a bottom-up, task-based process to build a project plan. Changes to tasks, priorities, resource allocation or deadlines—which are inevitable in every project—require tedious, manual updates across the entire Gantt chart. Not to mention, each project exists in a silo, so it’s too hard to see how changes in one might impact another. Creating reports is also laborious and time-consuming, requiring project managers to manually build presentation slides or other graphics.

Proggio eliminates all this hassle using a layered data structure, visual-based project map, and intuitive workstreams. Project managers can build project maps starting with the big picture, then work down to add tasks, dependencies, deadlines and details—just like you would naturally sketch out a plan.

Unlike Gantt-based systems where each project exists in a vacuum, Proggio’s layered structure shows how tasks, resources and dependencies are connected across the entire portfolio. This allows PMs and stakeholders to better manage assignments and allocate resources, avoid overwhelming staff and manage risk by using “what if” scenario planning to see how proposed changes in one project will affect progress on others before committing. When changes are made, Proggio automatically updates timelines, deadlines, deliverables and resources to keep everyone on the same page.

Because Proggio provides a real-time, interactive and dynamic view of projects and the entire portfolio, reporting is a snap, and there’s no need to waste time creating slideshows. Stakeholders can quickly see where projects stand anytime and spot potential bottlenecks by simply accessing the Proggio dashboard.

“The patent awards are proof that Proggio is completely disrupting the way companies plan and structure their projects in an effort to empower stakeholders through greater clarity, increased focus on the metrics that matter, and streamlined processes that directly impact the bottom line,” said Bobby Meinhold, Principal at 2.0 Ventures. “It’s clear that this new approach has tremendous potential to improve the way companies get work done.”

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About Proggio

Proggio™ is a next-generation, adaptive project portfolio management solution for enterprises and mid-market companies. By bringing clarity and simplicity to project portfolio management, Proggio accelerates digital transformation in a segment that is primarily using spreadsheets and presentations. With its patented, agile solution, Proggio provides dynamic high-level views for executive managers, project managers, and other stakeholders. The solution was designed to quickly adapt to a change-driven environment, with an unprecedented level of user interface simplicity. To learn more, visit

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